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Spotify Offline Mode - Not able to get it working.

Spotify Offline Mode - Not able to get it working.

Trying to use Spoitfy in offline mode. Have made playlists 'available offline' but if I go offline none will play. 

Any ideas?! 

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I am having this problem as well all of the sudden.


Things I was told to check:

Premium member, payment is current (yes)

Over 1GB of storage available on device (I have 5+)

Less that ~3,000 songs saved offline on phone (none at the moment)


Just in case someone can help both of us here I'm sharing what seems to be the same problem.


I created a new playlist this evening and none of the songs will come available offline, nor have any new songs over the past week or two. From there I did a full un/reinstall on my iphone 5. My wifi is working fine at home. 


More disturbing, all of my playlists that were available offline will not sync up either! They all have little arrows but none of them will go green. Suddenly I have nothing offline now.


I use spotify almost exclusively to teach yoga and must go offline during class. With zero songs available offline there is no point in my having spotify.


Sorry for the rant, hoping for help as well, just very frustrated at the moment.

Only 3 devices can be offline at any given time.. I don't have this problem.

Can you login to your account, and click on offline devices and try to remove the affected one, logout, reinstall the app and try again?
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All sorted - thanks for the advice!

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