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Spotify Playlist on CarPlay Only Showing 200 Tracks

Spotify Playlist on CarPlay Only Showing 200 Tracks

I have a Spotify CarPlay list with 250 tracks but the CarPlay app will only show the first 200.

I can access the tracks 201 - 250 by clicikng on the forward track button but I can't physically see them within the app.

Is this a bug or has the CarPlay app limited this purposely?

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Is it just me that is affected by the issue I've raised?


Let me ask this: Does anyone that uses Spotify via CarPlay have a tracklist exceeding 200 and can you see all of the tracks on the screen and not just the first 200?

I am having that issue as well

So it isn't just me.

I currently have 253 tracks in the playlist that this is affecting.

I'm using an iPhone 6s with latest upgrades. Do you use the same phone?

I have the 6s plus, recently updated.

Yesterday I noticed it was only showing 200. (I have over 1300 songs) I re-downloaded all the songs on my spotify for offline listening, thinking that may be the issue. Plugged in my Iphone this morning, still only showing 200.


Frustrating to say the least, but with the lack of complaints out there, I assume we are overlooking something.

I have done the same in the past as well as deleted the app and downloaded all tracks again. Makes no difference.


I'm disappointed that no one from Spotify has responded to this and offered some advice.


I'd also like to know if there are others using CarPlay with +200 tracks in a playlist that are seeing all tracks when using CarPlay.

So if you go to your phone as it is plugged into the carplay receiver. You can select songs>shuffle play and it shows all the tracks. You can then control through carplay.


This is a work around. Not sure where to turn to now, if it is a short coming of CarPlay or Spotify.

Thanks. I'll give that a try.

I contacted Crutchfield to see if they had any insight. This is their reply; looks like it's on Spotify.


Thank you for contacting Crutchfield Support.
The 200 song queue is limited by Spotify. Unfortunately, there is no way to increase the limit unless Spotify upgrades the capability in the app.

Crutchfield Technical Support

Appreciate you following up.

I wonder why Spotify limit that when it appears that there is no limit to the number of tracks you can have in a playlist!

No problem.


I wonder why we are having this problem and an admin or moderator hasn't spoken up.



I'm equally surprised that others haven't acknowledged the same issue or said that it isn't a problem for them.


Either CarPlay isn't being used by others on this forum or they have playlists smaller than 200 tracks.

I have the same problem. 😕
Carplay Spotify plays all songs but I can just select the first 200.

And despite updates to the app recently it still hasn''t been rectified and no one from Spotify has bothered to comment on this.


Pretty poor Spotify. Would it really hurt your pride to provide some help?


I found a work around . A couple of extra steps, until Spotify fixes the issue. You should see it in the thread

Do you mean the shuffle?
Yea that worked. I also can select the songs from 201-x with my smartphone. So Carplay Spotify is able to play more songs than 200. But you can just see 200 in the playlist

And because of the laws, especially in the UK, around driving and using mobile devices I cannot understand why Spotify are not looking at this issue.

New CarPlay user here too. Using the Sony XAV-AX100 and an iPhone 6s. Both running the latest firmware.


I've noticed that shuffling works but it really is annoying and I've to pull my phone out to get the song I want. I have 3 main playlists and they all have over 200. Are we ever getting a response from Spotify? Been a premium user since it launced in Malaysia.

It's very frustrating that someone from Spotify will not acknowledge this issue and give some hope that it will be investigated and fixed.

It's complete disregard for the customer when they just ignore problems and their customers request for help.

Sometimes companies get to the point when they forget that without the customer they won't have a business!!

That's called arrogance.

Same problem here.
Latest Spotify software and iOS on an iphone6.
As this is one of the few apps Apple gives access to CarPlay they should really try to shine above Apple's own music app.
Hope they fix it soon!

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