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Spotify Plays the Wrong Song and No Solutions Work

Spotify Plays the Wrong Song and No Solutions Work






(iPhone 5)


My Question or Issue




I installed Spotify on my iPhone this morning and it nearly always plays a different song to the one I’ve clicked on - I’ve looked through on here a lot and none of the solutions I can try (a lot of the solutions suggested aren’t possible on my iPhone) I’ve found suggested for others having the same problem work for me. I’ve tried reinstalling Spotify, logging in and out, restarting my phone, turning most of the playback options off and downloading a different version of Spotify.


Most of the solutions seem to be for people who use the premium version, have more than one account or who also use Spotify on their computers. I’m only given two versions of Spotify to download and no available updates, both versions I can download have this problem.

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Hello @SamCW


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!


As a Free user, you won't be able to play music on demand.

Pick and play on mobile is available only for Premium users. However, it's available on selected playlists for Free users as well, there will be no shuffle symbol next to the title of the playlist. That means, you can choose a song you want to play and you have unlimited skips. 

You can still play on-demand using e.g. desktop, even without Premium Subscription.


If you wan't to see the comparison of different Premium plans offered by Spotify, make sure to check out this support article


More detail on how Spotify Free works on mobile can be found here


Hope this shed some light!

Emilia_8Spotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Are you saying that you can’t choose what song you want to listen to unless you have the premium version?


If I click on a playlist you’ve made for me, I can click on a song and it plays the correct song, but if I click on a song I added to a playlist I made, it plays a different song and the only option I have for listening to a song I added to a playlist is to listen to the short preview you provide.


I’ve been having this issue when I search for a song; but when I click on it, it plays a different song, are you saying this is intentional?


Are you saying that this issue will always happen in the free version, unless I use it on a computer, instead of a phone?


If you can’t choose which song I want to listen to when I have my phone on me, you might as well just listen to songs elsewhere.



Hi @SamCW


Thanks fot the response!


Yes, this is an intended behavoiur of the Free Spotify app on mobile. 


There are some playlists that are always on demand, e.g. Daily Mix, Release Radar, Discover Weekly.

You can also find some other playlists made by Spotify, depending on your listening habits, that are pick and play playlists as well, as mentioned in this article.


Since it's how the Free app works on mobile, it's not really an issue. However, if you have any suggestions how to improve Spotify, you're always welcome to submit an idea. 

For more details on that, make sure to take a look at this article series on the Idea Exchange part of the Community. 


Hope you'll find it useful! 

Emilia_8Spotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

So, basically, what you're saying is that if you click on a song you want to listen to on Spotify on your mobile device, Spotify will select a different one. In other words, it's coercing users to buy a Premium account. Capitalism on steroids. Welcome to the billionaire mindset, folks.

Switch to YouTube music, you can listen to music with your screen off and you can listen to the song of your choosing all for free.

That happens to me when I was going to play aftermath but after I clicked play it played some random music that I don’t know on my iPad 


cmon Spotify you need to fix this


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