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Spotify Radio not available on Iphone

Spotify Radio not available on Iphone

No radio feature in Iphone IOS app wether in tabs or in artist / song "3-dots" menu. Buttons mentionned below are simply NOT there on my Iphone:


Tried everything suggested on these forums, reinstall and so on. What is completely absurd is if i select a song that is not available on spotify (greyed out) then the app tell me the song is not available and ask me if i want to start a... radio station from this song.


Forums are full of posts, not one clear answer. It's a major feature to listen music on the go and it's available, for me at least, only on desktops versions (mac and windows).


Someone from Spotify can tell me what's happening with this Radio feature? Please don't reply with this a/b testing / reinstall posts which is completely useless and just pollute the forums with the same stupid useless answer.


If it's not available on Iphone or under conditions then write it and give a release date please, so the community know if they should expect it or go elsewhere to get this standard mobile listening feature.


spotify thailand premium

iphone 6s Ios 11.3

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Bump ! No answer ? Spoitfy staff, where are you?

You mean "Radio" tab disappeared? If so, this is related to the new Spotify UI global rollout. Soon there will be only three tabs on the bottom. Radio and Browse will disappear.

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