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Spotify & local PC & BMW

Spotify & local PC & BMW






iPhone 6s to 11 Pro Max

Operating System

iOS 13.7


My Question or Issue

Need to fix where Spotify actually play sound when iPhone connected at BMW Connected drive (not via Apple CarPlay) car when I go from work.


I have local PC (at work) where I ususally play music.  On iPhone, I have Spotify app running running on background. I leave work (left spotifiy running on local PC - but not playing music), I sit to the car, then iPhone connects with BMW connected drive and display Spotify app. I navigate to the Spotify app integrated in BMW connected drive and it restore last played (stopped playlist) on local PC @ work - that's good, BUT when I select to play track, it play sound on local PC @ work and not in car. I must open Spotify app on iPhone and select "play on iphone" from available sources to listen to the music in car.

I'm almost 100% sure, this is not BMW Spotify app integration problem ... iPhone app should recognise that I'm connected in BMW, thus it should play sound in BMW not at PC @ work.


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