Spotify and Apple Watch


Spotify and Apple Watch




Recent Apple Watch buyer, and obviously disappointed with the app serving as nothing more than a remote to the iPhone.


Well aware of the idea linked below. However not updated since November last year and I feel Spotify owes some kind of a response to Watch owners.


So, reality is, these are two separate items. First is streaming to watch and use headphones, second is offline playback.

Spotify, your turn. What is the latest on this? There is nothing from Apple, holding you back on doing any of these, and you owe an update to device owners on whether you are really coming there that is better than ‘coming soon’ for well over 4 months. Pandora has these FYI, no reason you should not.

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This is so redicoulous. Why why why? They HAVE the technology with the Snowy purchase. I don't get why they move so slow. I was so happy to be using my new Apple Watch with Spotify but would've never believed that they just don't deliver.

I am glad that I was lucky enough to download Apollo, which lets me save Spotify playlist to use offline on Apple Watch, but the user experience sucks and it is just a workaround.


The worst thing is that Spotify is acting like this is a fancy feature that we want, which we have to convince Spotify of implementing. As if this would not be something very fundamental that much more people want and that Spotify is actively working on. Why not treat this differently and say: "Guys this is on our roadmap, we are working on it. Expect the feature sometime in Qx" or whatever.


I consider Apple music more and more now. But if Deezer comes out with it, I am gone here immediately.

The Spotify execs bought snowy for the specific purpose of snuffing out any Apple integration.


Petty and pathetic.

And stupid. Would have a lot more subscribers if there was integration.


Very poor response from Spotify. Have been a loyal customer for many years, however, have just started an apple music membership. Offline integration with apple watch for workouts is a basic feature. Spotify needs to step up.


/... Obviously we’re all angry about Spotify’s apathy towards and lack of disclosure regarding Apple Watch streaming.  No threats of leaving Spotify from me__ I just did.  Cancelled by premium family membership and switched to Apple Music.  I encourage others paying subscribers to do the same.  When they lose their paying base, customer service might become more of a priority.


Also looking at Apple music now, always been using Spotify Premium but forced to look for new solutions.

Really bad from Spotify.


Get outside your bubble and get in touch with your customers Spotify. Whoever this moderator is would have been better of not posting. You consistently push out mediocre updates that are tend to be worse that the previous version and when we tell you what's wrong we get a meaningless response time and time again. Goodbye to Spotify.


@guido someone should remove your rights as a moderator for that response 


I love the new changes and wish Apple Music would let me delete albums but not the songs I liked. It's a major reason why I switched back to Spotify.



read this on a site "" . hopefully spotify will come out with an own app for watchOS 6 :


"watchOS 6 includes new tools for developers that will allow third-party apps to stream music, radio, and podcasts, so these features will no longer be limited to Apple's own apps. Apple says Core ML on Apple Watch uses the Neural Engine, which allows for faster processing of on-device inputs."


I can only one answer for that situation.

Lack of respect for customers.


Just pure cynical business plan.


How many votes do you want?! We can make it happen bish, Twitter and I will drag you! 😾😡


Any updates after realeasing WatchOS 6?


Shameful, absolutely shameful 

Spotify employees are apparently learning to emulate the Trump. Take an idea that everyone wants, and ignore it out of spite till it goes away.


Said in another conversation:

Nokia also thought that despite their arrogance they are invulnerable. there is nothing more to say.


Congratulations Spotify you have just lost a family who passionately supported you for many years and wanted to continue but due to your lack of responses and action we are now moving to Apple Music where there are no restrictions with Apple devices. Very sad when a successful company doesn't listen. Nokia, Kodak, Blockbuster, Spotify - great companies destroyed by not listening to their customers.

Something new with WatchOS6 and Spotify Streaming?


Extremely disappointed. I just got my first Apple Watch 5, and would've never thought that offline playing isn't possible as I saw there was an official Spotify Watch app. I wanted to go running and listen to my Spotify music without my iPhone!


Now after digging around and realizing that this doesn't work I'm really considering to move to Apple Music - after years of being a Spotify Premium subscriber. This is so ridiculous. 


Spotify, any official comment? When will there be an app update to enable offline playing on Apple Watch?


I just moved from a Garmin that had offline to AW5 and just assumed it would work!


Amazed to find it doesn't, I'll be trying the 3 month Apple Music trial and switching over my family sub if that's the only way for offline.


For others that have switched, how was it? Did you notice any pros and cons?

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