Spotify and Apple Watch


Spotify and Apple Watch




Recent Apple Watch buyer, and obviously disappointed with the app serving as nothing more than a remote to the iPhone.


Well aware of the idea linked below. However not updated since November last year and I feel Spotify owes some kind of a response to Watch owners.


So, reality is, these are two separate items. First is streaming to watch and use headphones, second is offline playback.

Spotify, your turn. What is the latest on this? There is nothing from Apple, holding you back on doing any of these, and you owe an update to device owners on whether you are really coming there that is better than ‘coming soon’ for well over 4 months. Pandora has these FYI, no reason you should not.

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@kitenski wrote:

I just moved from a Garmin that had offline to AW5 and just assumed it would work!


Amazed to find it doesn't, I'll be trying the 3 month Apple Music trial and switching over my family sub if that's the only way for offline.


For others that have switched, how was it? Did you notice any pros and cons?

I don't think there are many pros or cons, the UI is different but not worse, it just needs a bit getting used to. Imo the playlists were a bit better over at Spotify but there are ways to transfer playlists from one platform to another. I switched as well and gotta say, its just great to being able to play music on the AW without my phone 🙂

I much prefer Spotify’s playlists but other than that they are pretty
similar. Apple Music looks a bit slicker but that’s just personal

Other 2 months of the Daniel Ek laughing at us and our miniscule request.  He can't help it.  As a founder of a half-commited & lucky startup, he is desperately jealous of real companies like Apple.  He acts out his emotions by depriving his user base like a child would.  Typical 1%er behavior.  And here you and I are contributing to his $billions at the expense of artists.  Might as well vote a billionaire real estate mogul into the white house.  Oh wait 

I too am unsatisfied, and am leaving Spotify to subscribe to Apple Music so I can use my watch without the phone.


Same.  We moved our family account on Spotify after years of support but no service such as offline songs on AW.  Goodbye Spotify


By the way, I was waiting the last week for an app update of Spotify, still hoping they would just roll out the feature.

Todax the update came - with new Siri support to the app. Unfortunately, still no changes to the Apple watch version so far 😞

I'm continuing to hope that it will come in the next weeks - until then the free Apple Music trial started. But tbh, I want to stay with Spotify if this missing feature is added. It's much better with all the personalization.


Come on Spotify get your **bleep**bleep** together!  Is it a technical issue where apple doesn't allow you to stream or you just don't care about your customers needs?


@johnpipi-hk wrote:

Come on Spotify get your **bleep**bleep** together!  Is it a technical issue where apple doesn't allow you to stream or you just don't care about your customers needs?

They don't care. Apple did allow that for some time now but Spotify chooses to loose customers. (Apple Music is great as well btw 😉


Of course Spotify has the possibility to create an iPhone-independent app for the Apple Watch. It already existed with the Apollo App but Spotify themselves stopped it!40E2324D-2BDC-4C2C-A2FB-5FDFB1C6BD6B.jpeg





Come on Spotify, so many people are waiting for this feature. Its pretty unsatisfying to not even get a response!



I hope the under-the-table paycheck the CEO of Spotify is receiving from Apple is worth limiting your business and sending fans over to Apple Music.


I'm with everyone on this one. It is pretty absurd.


ive never considered Apple Music as a serious option and I'm finding myself thinking about it now that I got a watch...


oh well I guess the best way to complaints is to make moves...

Over 5000 votes now.

Peanuts.....for Spotify.
As a customer....speechless.

Forking Ice hole bastages, somin batchin, mutha truckers. It's all about some agreement Spotify has with Apple to not release it then they can stay in business


Don’t think the Samsung partnership is the reason. Many people maybe do not buy an Apple Watch because Spotify is not working as expected and they are longtime Spotify users. If the feature would roll out both would benefit.


People... The ONLY reason why Spotify won't enable offline and streaming mode for the Apple Watch App is because they DON'T WANT TO. They could do it, Apple allows it and others have done it. (Browse the other "discussion" sites on this topic.) But they don't. Because they don't care about their customers. That's it. And before you wait for them to do something, let me save you some time: They won't (as they said themselves). So just switch to Apple Music or something else if you want to stream or download music to your Apple Watch. 


Ok, any news on the "offline" sync feature?

Is this question a joke ? 😉 😉

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