Spotify and Apple Watch


Spotify and Apple Watch




Recent Apple Watch buyer, and obviously disappointed with the app serving as nothing more than a remote to the iPhone.


Well aware of the idea linked below. However not updated since November last year and I feel Spotify owes some kind of a response to Watch owners.


So, reality is, these are two separate items. First is streaming to watch and use headphones, second is offline playback.

Spotify, your turn. What is the latest on this? There is nothing from Apple, holding you back on doing any of these, and you owe an update to device owners on whether you are really coming there that is better than ‘coming soon’ for well over 4 months. Pandora has these FYI, no reason you should not.

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Hey Dudabrand,


On a Spotify website dedicated to listing unfair Apple behavior, Spotify says they are working on offline functionality for their Apple Watch app.


The wording has been there for over a year so far so no promises if this feature will come. No release date mentioned.


"September 2018

Apple finally allows enhanced functionality for the Spotify app on the Apple Watch

With Watch OS 5, Apple allowed the Spotify team to start developing offline functionality"

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Dear Spotify,


Apple watch owners are looking for two features:

  1. The ability to stream music from the Apple watch via Wi-Fi (and Cellular)
  2. The ability to store music on the Apple watch for offline playback

IMHO, feature #1 is the trump card.  Bring this, and I'll continue being a loyal Spotify subscriber forever.  Many Apple watch owners who are Spotify users will be ecstatic.  People who left Spotify for Apple Music will come back.  You will secure your user base.


Feature #2 I would consider a temporary hold off until #1 can be developed.  While I would much prefer the ability to stream, I would consider this an acceptable stopgap solution in the interim.


2019 is coming to a close and we -- the Spotify community -- still have no update on this.  I am seriously considering making the switch to Apple Music.  I prefer Spotify on almost every level, but it is unacceptable to continue without an update or a confirmation that these features are coming. I have held off buying an Apple Watch for nearly 2 years because of the inability to music from Spotify via Wi-Fi.  Apple made history in June 2019 by bringing third parties the tools needed to add this functionality.  This is now a must have feature.


Spotify has dropped the ball by not immediately getting a team dedicated to building this feature, or at the very least not confirming for users that it is being developed.  I am honestly shocked that Spotify is asking users to vote for this feature.  Are you kidding?  In the past Spotify has blamed Apple for not enabling developers to develop this functionality and now that Apple responds Spotify is doing a 180?


Watch Series 4 is going on steep discounts this coming Black Friday and I do not wish to wait until year for a smartwatch without any confirmation that these features are coming.  I am tired of bringing my phone to the gym just because I would not be able to use Spotify with a watch.  Apple has everything I want right now.  Please confirm these features are in the process of being developed and that we are valued customers.


Very good shout out! But don’t bother. Nor answer or update will come our way. I’ve just bought AirPods pro AS well. Marvellous product and Apple music gives top notch features on both Apple watch and AirPods. It’s easy to convert playlists from Spotify to Apple music, so don’t bother. Just convert to Apple music, same price and no more annoying lack of features. Good Bye Spotify👋🏻



No more waiting due to Spotifys unwillingness to adress this problem. (listening on apple watch)


Bye bye Spotify!



Where do I vote for offline playback on Apple Watch?

Forget it. There is no company that ignores customers more than Spotify.

Yeah, I guess it is time to switch to Apple Music. I am sorry for doing it, but I haven't bought the Apple Watch not to listen to music on it. It is a pity that Spotify is going down in such a way.


Hello Guido,


What is the current progress on this activity?? 


The situation is "Dead and forgotten". I personally decided to end my subscription in favor of Apple music at the end of the month. Apple music is at the same price and more versatile. After all - this is why competition exists.


Still waiting... spotify.. do something already..


Still waiting for this Spotify. Please get on with it and implement this. It's so important!


You guys are barking up the wrong tree here. Please see and send all the hate mail to Apple. They deserve it.

If it is Apple doing this then it’s not ok but Spotify should reply stating
that. Not “put your ideas in the new features section blah blah blah”


Apple allows other services to store offline content on Apple Watch since WatchOS 5.


This is Spotify who isn't interested in keeping smart-watch customers.

Did you take a look of that site? It has been created by Spotify and has all the answers. So please take a visit before coming back to complain.

Yes I look. Took it all in. So relax. I’m saying that the Spotify employees
who respond to forum comments should give an appropriate answer not a copy
and paste job.


@DesignByAdrian wrote:

Apple allows other services to store offline content on Apple Watch since WatchOS 5.


This is Spotify who isn't interested in keeping smart-watch customers.

Do you understand how ridiculous that sounds? Like company wouldn't want to sell more subscriptions or want to lose their customers. Yeah, you must be right. Or maybe.. just maybe there is another reason for all this. Open your eyes.


Problem is lack of transparency. Plain and simple. 


If there is a reason, tell us there is a reason. 


The frustration is there has been a complete lack of response. As in...none.

I understand that. However, it is very clear what is the reason. And they have told it. You just need to listen. Timeline for example has a good view for the reason:

Probably they can't just say anything more here because it is a sensitive subject and company has forbade them to comment about it.

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