Spotify and Apple Watch


Spotify and Apple Watch




Recent Apple Watch buyer, and obviously disappointed with the app serving as nothing more than a remote to the iPhone.


Well aware of the idea linked below. However not updated since November last year and I feel Spotify owes some kind of a response to Watch owners.


So, reality is, these are two separate items. First is streaming to watch and use headphones, second is offline playback.

Spotify, your turn. What is the latest on this? There is nothing from Apple, holding you back on doing any of these, and you owe an update to device owners on whether you are really coming there that is better than ‘coming soon’ for well over 4 months. Pandora has these FYI, no reason you should not.

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Well, Apple has a response as well:

Nonetheless, allowing offline content on the Apple Watch is what this thread is about.


So I've read through all that timetoplayfair timeline which is indeed very interesting, and infact, a pity.

However, looking at specifically the progress outlined, Spotify is working since September 2018 on offline / streaming abilities for Apple Watch: 


Apple finally allows enhanced functionality for the Spotify app on the Apple Watch

With Watch OS 5, Apple allowed the Spotify team to start developing offline functionality


So I'm still wondering why after more than a year there hasn't been any statement on this. 


I'm still pretty sure that they have it almost ready. Just waiting for another bigger update in the coming weeks like the Siri integration.


@DesignByAdrian wrote:
Well, Apple has a response as well:

Nonetheless, allowing offline content on the Apple Watch is what this thread is about.

Yeah, I have read it. It seems like a word against word.

But when you think who benefits of all this. Spotify... not wanting to develope a crucial feature that everyone would love to have because they just don't want to do it. Or they don't want to pay for developers and save some money. Hmm. 
Or Apple.. who just by change has a rival software and will have more and more customers every day because Spotify is missing an offline feature that will make Spotify users to hate them.

Been stuck with subscriptions to both services for months, but I think apple predictions finally are close enough that I can ditch Spotify.  Still not as good as Spotify, but I'll suffer a little to avoid supporting such a petty, spiteful company.


For others that are switching, there's a free SongShift app to transfer your library between services.


Finally switched after years of Spotify to Apple Music. Spotify still have better playlists. But i dont want to run with keeping my phone.  SongShift does a great Job. 


Such a pity. I have also been waiting for some time now and me and many I know here in Norway are in the process of switching to Apple Music. Pandora support it now. Come on Spotify. Apple Watches sell more than the total watch industry in Switzerland every year. You'll lose many customers in the next couple of years if you don't change strategy.

lame of you Spotzify. You make your paying customers suffer just because of some silly Samsung deals you did, and they wont work. Truly dissapointed.
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Good news!


Spotify now supports downloads on Apple Watch. This will be rolling out over the next several weeks.


Check out this Spotify news article for more info:

Enjoy More Ways Than Ever to Use Spotify on Your Apple Watch—Now With Downloads 

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