Spotify app not opening


Spotify app not opening

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The spotify app does not have its normal logo on my homescreen, but it has a white background with grey lines on. When i click on the app it shows a black screen with a loading icon infront then it glitches and send sme back to my homescreen. I have tried uninstalling the app, and when i hold down on the app and click x it disappears as if it has been uninstalled. However, i go to the app store and instead of it saying "download" it says "open ". When i press open nothing happens. It then reappears on my home screen. I pay for premuim and i cannot even use it?! ( Also i have it logged in on my windows laptop and it still works as normal) please help!!

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Re: Spotify app not opening

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Hey there @lucycc

thanks for posting !


Can you please provide screenshots of the errors you're getting ?


Thanks :)


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Re: Spotify app not opening

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7B329E8B-CE5A-429C-841D-5EDABD8E29CD.jpgWhat spotify looks like on my home screen

E9DD6442-D88D-4D58-9539-0E6DFAF728A8.jpgPlain black screen (earlier mad a mistake - does not have a loading icon on) that appears when I click on Spotify, then takes me back to my home screen after showing me this black screen for less than a quarter secondD185D910-9A83-4942-8B16-09449013A180.jpgWhen i uninstall Spotify and try to reinstall it, it shows up as if i already have it downloaded. Then a couple minutes ltaer it shows up on my home screen again.