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Spotify blank screen on Carplay

Spotify blank screen on Carplay

hey guys, 

I am using spotify on carplay, but as of yesterday it shows a blank screen on carplay, i updated the app, but still the same problem. its on ios 11.3.1. if i may say what kind of car--its a honda civic 2017....any hlep would be appreciated. 


thank you. 

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I’ve had the same issue for a couple days now too. 2018 Ford Escape. Happens with my podcasts app too, so I think it’s on apple’s end. B3EF0223-E0FD-4342-BA67-E7AE31CAECB5.png








I’m having the same problem now as well. Must be an update issue?

after updating, the issue went away, but its a few days the blankscreen is back. 

some people reported that if you unlock the the app and connect to the carplay it works, however, it didnt help with me. i guess it might be true its a match made in **bleep**--spotify-Carplay lol. 

I have the exact same car with the exact same problem....has there been any update on the issue?

If you haven’t already, maybe try updating to iOS 11.4, some sources say it has some improvements to CarPlay. Also check you have the newest version of the Spotify app and try using the Spotify beta. Next week, the iOS 12 beta will be released, maybe that version will fix the problem.


Edit: iOS 12 developer beta is now available.

a wierd fix, but it works. i changed the usb cable, not an apple brand though, but it works now. the phone is up to date so as the apps. 

Same issue here on my 2017 mustang.

its a very dumb issue, it sometimes works sometimes it gives a blank screen. 

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