Spotify can’t connect on iPad 1st


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Hey guys


it looks like we will not be heard around here. I think we should try for help somewhere else. Any tips?



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Same problem here. My iPad 1 has been dedicated to Spotify playing for a year now and never given me problems. Without any change on the iPad it stopped working. I tried all the suggested options, including a complete re-install, network reset, etc. but to no avail. 

Re: Spotify can’t connect on iPad 1st


Same problem here...

I'm using an ipod touch 3rd generation. Latest available ios is 5.1.1 and Spotify version is, which is also the newest for this ipod.

Spotify is trying to connect, but it doesn't work. Sometimes it looks like there is a connection, because my Playlists start to synchronize for 1 or 2 seconds. 

Reseted everything, but this was useless... 

I'm using the ipod in my car in combination with an older alpine head unit/radio. Newer ipod will not work with this radio.

Thinking about quitting my premium account, because this was my main way to use it...

Please make it work again


Ps: the internet connection is working. I can open Google and search the web, etc. 



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Same issue here. Did all the resets, re-installs, re-boots multiple times.

No joy.


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I think it is safe to say that Spotify will not do anything to fix what they broke. This is a very good example of poor customer service of Spotify in many levels.  Lack of customer service in this thread, only the copy-paste suggestion to install app again. That obviously didn’t work. If only customer service would have read the thread before pasting the reply. They also didn’t announce that there will be change that will end the use Spotify app on older devices. My guess is that they didn’t know or care about it. There’s nothing premium on this service.


Software that doesn’t even give proper error message when login fails and ends up to a loop that will never end, is pitiful not premium. 


There is also environmental point of view. This will make many still perfectly working iPads and iPods closer of being obsolete. Not cool, Spotify.


I don’t know about you guys but I have been Spotify customer close to 10 years and most of that as a premium customer. Maybe it’s good time to start looking for alternatives.

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I've been a customer that long as well but the thing you mentioned that
I didn't think of was the bit about device attrition.
Really great you pointed that out since the negative aspects of Spotify
not supporting old devices is enormous.
Such as the throwing away of toxic electronic objects and the
manufacturing of more of them. Contributing all the more to the burning
of carbon fuels and depletion of the atmosphere, global warming etc.
Now fix your **bleep** software so I don't have to buy a new iPad!

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Let's say Spotify is conservatively worth 15 billion dollars and has 2000+ employees. What would it cost to put a couple of developers on the path of making the app work on old devices. You know, the ones you originally made it for. Or rather, how big a nick would it be from 15 billion to fix this issue?

Silly stuff but the stuff that keeps people supporting and using the app. And not throwing out their old devices or abandoning S altogether. 

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Casual Listener

Maybe it is a Spotify & Apple strategy to sell more Ipads????... I have my old Ipad1 exclusively dedicated to Spotify since a couple of years ago... I guess a lot of people do the same... without Spotify, these Ipad1 become useless....

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Model OS

iPhone 5 or above iOS 10 or above. 250 MB free space

iPad 2 or above iOS 10 or above. 250 MB free space

5th generation iPod Touch or above iOS 9.3.5 or above. 250 MB free space


If you don't have any of the above requirements Spotify will not work properly if at all. Sorry have a great day. Plus anything older then those devices are highly insecure I reccomend updateing your hardware.


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That’s really cool. That’s also a lot of hardware that won’t run Spotify.
It actually really stinks.
"The iPad 2, 3 and 1st generation iPad Mini are all ineligible and excluded from upgrading to iOS 10."