Spotify connect jumps to chromecast bult-in


Spotify connect jumps to chromecast bult-in

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iPad mini 2 (2015)

Operating System

iOS 12.4.6


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I have recently experienced trouble when using Spotify connect: during listening, if the app wakes up on my controling device (iPad) my network receiver (Onkyo RN855) jumps from Spotify source to Chromecast (so the music pauses, I have to change the source back to Spotify).


It was working fine before the last Spotify update, the receiver firmware is up to date for the past few monthes. I already tried the clear cache + reinstall trick, without results.


Thank you for your help.



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Same here, but via Iphone and  on Pioneer HM76D.

App reinstalled, Pioneer updated, great WIFI connection, can't seem to get this fixed... Starts playing on Spotify Connect as wanted, but when reopening the app on the phone, Spotify pauzes/stops the song that is playing and often the icon has changed from connect to 'google cast'. Takes some time to get it restarted. Very annoying issue... No change in any setting on phone or Pioneer seems to help.

Any ideas? Please let us know!

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Good to know I’m not the only one 🙂


Well I may have found a workaround: I installed google home from the appstore, then selected my network receiver, went to the parameters and disabled the option which says approximately « allow others devices to cast to this device ».


Back in spotify, the chromecast built-in option is no longer here, which is fine by me.


So far so good, fingers crossed!

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Thanks for the tip! But already tried this option and doesn’t work for me unfortunately.. Glad to hear it got solved for you at least 👍


Same here with Sony STR-DN860 receiver.