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Spotify crahes sporadic on IPad1 iOS 5.1

Spotify crahes sporadic on IPad1 iOS 5.1

Spotify crahes sporadic on IPad1 iOS 5.1.

Sometimes i can play music for half an hour. Next time the App crashes after 3 minutes.

I'm a premium member for half a year. I had the problem from the beginning.

Hopefully sombody have a solution.

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Unfortunately iOS 5 is now longer supported by Spotify, so their support are likely to say "upgrade".

Have you tried the standard re-install Spotify and reboot the iPad?

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Yes, i tried to reinstall like it is described here.

Since the beginning (1 Year ago) my Ipad crashed when using spotify.

I'm not a fan of apple Products. (Please don't kill me). I bought the IPad and 4 Airport Express Adapters (3Years ago) only for Spotify because Apple can stream music lossless via Airplay. So it was a lot of Money for a system that wont work as well as expected.


Hopefully airplay will be supportet by Spotify on Andorid Phones (Without aditional Apps and Root-Hack).


Thanks for answering.





@hifibastel there are many other solutions to stream spotify in your home.. you should research around before purchase hahaha. But well, past is the past.

Anyway, iPad 1 is extremely low ram, 256mb only.. So sometimes even my Safari crash when i just go to ONE WEBSITE.. why not you try to make sure that there is only one app running at any one time.. So that it won't crash badly.

As for Airplay on Android, there are solutions.. Google around for "FireAir Android" or something.. 😉

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