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Spotify crashes on launch on iPhone 5

Spotify crashes on launch on iPhone 5


When I try to start my spotify app, it shuts down after the loading screen has been displayed for a few seconds. This does not happen if I don't have any offline playlists, but as soon as I re-sync them the issue reoccurs after a short while.


May I have some help with this please?




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Have you tried rebooting your device by holding the home and lock buttons together until the apple logo appears on screen?

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Look - you may not have updated

Both my iOS and spotify are of the latest version. I have tried even resetting my phone to factory settings, as well as syncing my playlists to another iOS device. Same issue occurs whatever I do, since a few weeks back.

If it's doing the same thing on a different IOS device, using your account, then I would suspect a duff song perhaps?

Could you try creating a playlist, with one song, and make it available offline, wait for it to sync, then force quit the app and re-open it to see if you get the same problem.

Also, are you turning offline mode on before you quit the app at all? Or are you just force quitting the app and then re-opening and encountering the problem?

Concerning the duff song, I would have thought the same thing, it's strange though that it happens all of the sudden though. 


I've tested it with only one song, no problem there, not even large and multiple playlists cause issues. However, as soon as I sync one of my older playlists, this issue occurs.


Whether I enter offline mode before force quitting the app or not does not seem to make any difference.


For the moment I'm not having the crashing issue, since I recently re-synced my offline playlists. However, I'm use it'll reoccur soon enough.


Thanks. Unfortunately yet unsolved 😞

Not resolved entirely I agree, but troubleshooted part of the way surely?

If you can identify which song it is in that playlist then potentially you've sussed it?

Equally, I'd be tempted to throw the playlist at support and let them trawl through it to find the corrupt file.

I'm still convinced it's down to a dodgy file rather than your installation, as you mentioned this problem occurs on different devices when logged into your account.

I hope you manage to resolve it.

@Cressell @Summa recently we have a crashing issue that has to do with search.. Could it be related?

I didn't have this crash issue with the app though.
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