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Spotify doesn't sync all songs

Spotify doesn't sync all songs

Hello, I would like to sync my iPod but Spotify always stops at some point. My playlist is about 913 songs but it always stops at 413. I have enough space left and can't find the problem. Can someone help? Thank you!

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Ahoy @Henk65 Welcome to the Spotify Community!

You must be using an iPod Touch right?

To sync about 913 songs on normal quality you would need something like at least 2 to 2.5 GB left, make sure there's really enough space.

If it still gets stuck, logout from the app, delete the application, go to, log in to your account, click on the offline devices tab, and click on 'remove all devices' to resync all your devices again, and install your app again on your iphone, then sync..

It should work and all is well.
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Also of note: an issue I ran into in syncing playlists was that on a public network like the University wifi I had been using, it was impossible to sync local files I had stored on my computer due to firewall settings or something like that. The local files only ended up syncing when I used a friend's home network. If you have a lot of local files in that playlist in addition to songs on Spotify's catalogue, then that could also be the issue.

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