Spotify doesnt show up in ios Shortcuts


Re: Spotify doesnt show up in ios Shortcuts

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I was playing a bit with shortcuts and I had an idea about making an automatization for when I set my alarm off in the morning. it basically tells me the date and weather but i wanted it to play me music after that. bc i use spotify this was obviously harder to achieve but i realized u can use the "open URL" command from safari and paste the URL from the playlist u wish to include, then in scripting add "play/pause/ in iPhone" and if u play and pause the playlist before going to bed, it will play it in the morning after that command. i realize its a lot but this could also work for car play while spotify works on making their own shortcuts  


Re: Spotify doesnt show up in ios Shortcuts


Hey all, I too share your frustration with the lack of support for the Shortcuts app in iOS. However, until Spotify (hopefully soon!) implements this feature, I have a band-aid; it's not a complete fix, but it's very close.


Like many of you, I was trying to create an automation to play a playlist when CarPlay was connected. The closest thing I've found is to choose the "Open URLs" action and paste the link to your Spotify playlist in there. That'll open the playlist for you in the app; all you have to do is click the play button.


Like I said, not a complete solution, but it's one step closer!