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Spotify error-01 with a car stereo (Alpine CDE-111RM)


Spotify error-01 with a car stereo (Alpine CDE-111RM)



My Iphone 4S IOS5.0.1 works fine with my car stereo, except spotify doesn`t.


My ipod feature, navigation system and other programs works fine with my car stereo. And when I start the spotify premium app, it plays a track like 0,5 second and after that the connection crashes. Car stereo tries to search the connection and after that it gives (ERROR-01) message. The error message is only removed if I reboot the Iphone...


I am closing the premium account if theres no fix for this. I hope there is...


There are hundreds of users that have the same problem with spotify and car stereo (atleast Pioneer and Alpine), I`ve read them from other forums. There has to be something wrong with the spotify because other programs work.


Any help and suggestions ? or shall I put my account to hold ?

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I find this really weird.


every single app I have used for my enitre life has worked via the dock connecter. Be it a headunit, speaker dock, anything.


Pandora, Rdio, all of them work when pushing music through your dock connecter.


and yours has had this huge problem for over a year now. 


And you have not fixed the problem.


the sad part is, you used to not have this problem, then some app update screwed everything up. Now you will not dedicate 1 second of engineering resources to help your paying customers out.



Well what do you know, bought a newer mini before Xmaremand now have the mini radio/cd player instead of an alpine. Decided to take up free trial with spotify to test if the error happens with the new mini and no it doesn't. So definitely a Spotify/alpine issue 😞

Wow, I just had this problem, came here are read all these pages, and being a software developer I can't believe this still isn't fixed! I'm using Tunigo in the mean time.


Does anyone know the jailbreak hack that stops spotify from sending metadata to the head unit? Seems like the only option if you really want to use the spotify app until the spotify team add metadata yes/no as a settings flag in the app itself?



Ive read through the entire thread and tried every fix. If i could have found a working download of the older 4.20 spotify app then perhaps i could have gotten it to work.


The best 'solution' to this problem is to download TUNIGO - it is free.

Download link 1:

Link 2:


TUNIGO works in conjunction with Spotify so all of your old music and playlists will be carried over. Ex: star a song in Tunigo and it will automatically add that song to your starred in Spotify. Furthermore, the layout of the app is practically the same as Spotify.


And best of all - NO MORE ERROR CODES; TUNIGO WILL WORK WITH YOUR ALPINE HEAD. Listening options such as shuffle or artist/track ID will not be displayed on your deck so if you can live with that, this is a viable alternative. And to be honest,  Alpine receiver track search functions are horrid anyway.


Hope this helps some of you.






Tunigo works offline ?!

If by working offline you mean, will Tunigo still play your Spotify playlists which you have desgnated for offline use...then yes!


What you're basically doing is accessing your spotify music through a different program, a program that is compatible with Alpine decks.



thanks.. ok

after two days of testing, everything seems to work fine.

Alpine CDE 113BT + iphone 4S + IOS 6.0 + tunigo  ... no more error-01

Tunigo plays regulalry the Spotify playlists designated offline.


great !


well i've been reading up on this for awhile. this is the ONLY thread on the net i can find with a hopeful solution. I'm a paid user and feel this should be resolved for us. 


I have an Alpine unit in my boat and it's the ONLY place spotify will not work for me, the number 1 place that i want it to work, wth!!!


I just downloaded tunigo to my phone and can play spotify just fine with the phone itself, about to test it after dinner and will let everyone know my luck.


crossing fingers big time!


thanks for everyone trying to figure this out... minus spotify themselves of course, come on guys!

Hi there,


So after the last version update (the one with the interface redisgn ios7)











Thumbs up spotify devs !!!!!

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