Spotify extremely slow on a clear device


Spotify extremely slow on a clear device

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I am running Spotify on my iTouch 5th Gen and it's insanely slow, freezes often and crashes regularly during usage. This device is totally dedicated to music for my car and has other apps on it other than the ones it comes with. All apple apps that are on it have background usage turned off. A note to add is I almost constantly have the max amount of songs Spotify allows on one device. (3,333) The song limit was a **bleep** off to begin with, but these speed issues are making me consider switching. 

If anyone has tips to help with speed it would be much appreciated, Thanks.

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Re: Spotify extremely slow on a clear device


This issue could be because of several different things.  It sounds like there may be a problem with your iPod itself.  The crashing and glitching are most likely due to the fact that the software on your  iOS device might be out of date.  Try going to the settings on your device and see if you have an available update.  If your device has no updates, try messing around with some of the other stock apps and see if you have problems with them, if so I would look into replacing your device or getting it repaired.  Also, if you haven't tried already, delete the app and reinstall it.  Sometimes there are problems when you download an app off of the app store.  If none of these work I would contact Spotify directly and state your problem.


Hope this helps!  Feel free to ask if you have any other questions