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Spotify family subscription

Spotify family subscription

I have recently wanted to add my son to the family account. There doesn't seem to be an other to invie another? Can you help with this. I have read a few things regarding this but i'm still rather confused.
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Hey @cavan91! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Unfortunately if you want to add another user to your family plan, you will have to cancel your current Family plan and resignup for a new one.


As you can read in this article:

What if I want to add another subaccount to my plan?

The number of subaccounts (i.e. the number of people you can invite) that you selected during signup cannot be changed. You may however cancel the account – at which point all members of the plan revert to Free level subscriptions if the current billing month lapses. You would then sign up again, selecting the number of subaccounts you want. You may the re-invite the people you want to keep on the plan..

You can also check this article for more informations. ^^




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