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Spotify for iOs 4 no longer in the app store


Spotify for iOs 4 no longer in the app store

I had to format my old ipod touch 2g, where I had spotify installed on it. However, now I understand the new version requires ios5, which the ipod touch 2g can't run. I've visited the site and there's a link to a legacy version for iOs4, however when I'm directed to the app store, it says it can't be completed because the app is not available in the USA store. Is this a glitch? Or has the app been removed for ever?


Please help me, as I use this for swimming, (I'd rather drown an old ipod touch rather than my iphone :P) and the app worked like a charm...




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same boat as everyone else in this thread


i've been paying spotify $10 a month since the first USA beta....and still can't get this fixed


any helps? anyone have a link to this somewhere else?

Hey guys,


Thanks for reporting this, we will enable the Spotify for iOS 4 app again inthe AppStore for US users again at the same time as we release 0.5.3 which will happen very soon.


Kdubb: Of course we care about you guys 🙂

yayyy 😄 

Thank you.  Please (PLEASE!) notify me when the OS4 version returns.

Yeah. That, or just reply to the thread letting us know it's out. I don't mind paying for a sevice. But when it blanks on me half way through my months subscription then it makes me feel that way.

Great ... you know it was very problematic even when you hsd it before so please get all the bugs out, so playlists will load, songs will play (AKA the point of paying Spotify $9.99 a month) ... and when will we see it! A date would be great!

+1 to this thread, I've been trying to redownload the ios4 version as well, glad to hear I'm not alone.

I came here to rant too. Just signed up and paid for premium and got it on my iPhone 4....but when I went to add it on my old iPhone 3G that I now use as an iPod - it doesn't work on the old OS.




What's the point of being on the US site and it says if you are iOS 4 - go here link -  only to find out it's not availalbe in the US.




If this is the kind of foolishness I can expect in the future from Spotify....I'm cancelling my subscription. *soon* this "fix" will be updated?  Looks like this thread has had people waiting at least a month before Spotify even recognized this was an issue.

0.5.3 is out, where's the iOS4 app? >:|

yeah where is the ios4 app? 😞 will just take a few days or something cuz my subscription gonna be reewed today and i dont want to pay again if by "soon" means a month -_-

So the new Spotify update is in the app stor but not, as promised, the iOs 4 ... so is it coming or not? This runaround is crazy and, when you consider all the $$ people are paying for a service they can't fully use, insulting


I'm checking on this now...
Airhorn Enthusiast

for some reason the iOS 4 version is in the UK store


so if you look up a fake UK address and set up a new account pretending to be from the UK itunes will let you download it. this method worked for me last week.

Any update? I have the same issue. I have an iphone and a shuffle and so far spotify works on neither.

Waiting for the legacy app, what's going on?


great looks like i payed for this month again just not to use premium on my touch 😞 

So, it has been almost a month .. a month I've paid for as a premium subscriber and yet cannot use my subscription fully .. where if the Spotifiy for iOS 4? This is terrible treatment of your customers, totally taking advantage of people and, with promises not kept, stringing them along. How long does it take to check this? How long does it take to fix it? 

@david did you find anything when you checked on it?

No news yet - I'll chase this up again for you guys.
Airhorn Enthusiast

Thanks David!

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