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Spotify freezing regularly when on Bluetooth headphones

Spotify freezing regularly when on Bluetooth headphones

I have Spotify premium and I’m in the UK and am using an iPhone XS


It seems that every time I am using my Bluetooth headphones to listen to Spotify while I am moving, such as out walking or riding my bike, it freezes regularly where I have to press the play button again for the music to start.


It doesn’t seem to do this when I’m at home and not moving using my Bluetooth headphones. I have also tried two different sets of Bluetooth headphones and the same thing happens on both, which leads me to believe that it is not the headphones and either something to do with Spotify or with my Bluetooth connection.


However, the fact that it does not happen when I’m not moving inside my flat leaves me to believe that it is not to do the the Bluetooth connection and something to do with Spotify

I have deleted and reinstalled Spotify a number of times and the problem is a little bit better sometimes but other times that problem is just as bad.


 Any ideas?


2 Replies

I also have this issue. Play fine inside my house but not when riding my motorbike


Hey @Kila100283 and @Sprayndpray,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


Just to confirm, do you experience the same thing while using a different streaming app?  Does sound like something happening with the signal the headphones return to the app, which could, in turn, be caused by the Bluetooth device activating while in motion. 


One more thing which would be good to double-check, is if you left Spotify open on any other devices at home before using it elsewhere with the Bluetooth headphones, because if the app is open and in use on two or more different devices simultaneously and not linked via Connect, that should lead to the playback pausing. If that's the case or you'd like to make sure it's not, you could try logging out everywhere and then logging back in to one device at the time.


Hope you'll find this helpful. Cheers!

Mario Moderator
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