Spotify iOS 4.5.0 crashing at launch


Spotify iOS 4.5.0 crashing at launch




Latest version 4.5.0 of Spotify iOS app is crashing each single time I'm trying to launch it. What happens: I launched it from the icon, see the preloader image for a while, then the UI with some album covers and options flashes for ~0,2 secs and Spotify is gone.


I tried:

1) relaunch via switcher

2) close app from switcher and then relaunch

3) remove app, re-download it from app store, the same results still


In 3) app displays login screen, I login (spotify username), then once we're back to normal menu again 0,2s and the app is gone.


Is there any workaround? Any idea how long it usually takes to get crashes fixed?


Used on iPhone 5s on iOS 9.1