Spotify iOS app does not continuously play local tracks


Spotify iOS app does not continuously play local tracks


Ever since signing up for Premium and using Spotify on my iPhone 5 for the last couple or three years, I've noticed a problem that seems to only apply to most (if not all) of my locally originated tracks.


Tracks from the Spotify catalog will play from one to the next just fine. But the tracks that have been synced from my iMac will stop at the end of each track and not go on with the playlist until I manually click the 'Next' button.


It used to not be so bad, affecting only a few tracks in the early months of using the app, but at this point, practically all of my local tracks seize up at the end when playing them on my iPhone. This is only an issue within my iOS app; on my desktop they play just fine.


It's very aggrevating because it keeps me from focusing on anything else when I just want to have music accompanying whatever I'm doing. It will also use up my battery as though playback is occuring anyway, even though it's actually stuck.


Any remedy to this?

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Re: Spotify iOS app does not continuously play local tracks

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sounds very annoying, and it should not be like that.


If it's worse now then earlier something has probably happened in the most recent updates.


Can you please try the following:

  • Reinstall Spotify and sync one of the playlist which is affected.
  • Make sure that you have the latest Spotify and iOS version.
  • Make sure that you have at least 1GB free space on your phone.
  • Try to create a new playlist with only two songs in it - both local songs. 

If the problem still persists

  • Please check if it's the same problem with any file format of local songs.



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