Spotify iPad App .... can I "DJ"?

Spotify iPad App .... can I "DJ"?



New to Spotify on iPad.


I like to sit a browse tracks, adding them to a queue that will play in order.  However with the iPad app its just too easy to touch a track, album cover or something that instantly stops the current track and starts the new one!


Can anyone suggest a workflow to build a playlist on the fly and not keep interupting the currently playing song?


Thanks in advance



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On iphone you can "swipe" a track while browsing and it gives you 5 options - one of which is "add to queue." If you have that same feature on ipad, maybe that's what you're looking for. 

This feature doesn't work on iPad, so DJing is really hard


Hold down the track on ipad

Ah got it..... Thanks for the nudge

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