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Spotify iphone local files

Spotify iphone local files


I have spotify on my computer and iphone, some songs that I have on the computer show up on my iphone playlist just like other local files but these are gray and I can't play them. When I click them it says "song not synced", but it refuses to sync it.

For example, the playlist that contains some songs from spotify and some from my local files is showing "the green arrow down button" (offline playlist). So all the songs should be synced and playable.

1) The songs from spotify are all playing well

2) Some songs from local files are playing ok

3) SOme songs from local files are showing up in the playilist in gray letters and are not playing.

All my local files are normal mp3 format. 

Some of the files that now don't play actualy played before, this has started happening about a half a year ago, 

I've been using itunes for the songs that won't play, as a way around it, but it's so annoying if you want to play the whole playlist and those few songs just wont play.


Please some expert advice on this one, 

Thank you community

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never mind, solved the issue but deleting the spotify on my iphone and then downloading it again


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