Spotify is killing my iPhone


Re: Spotify is killing my iPhone

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What a lovely response! :eyeroll:


You want to pin me for not assuming the "on PC" bit that you didn't include in your response, but then go on to assume that I haven't even figured out how to update my phone in the last 12 months. Quite an interesting set of expectations! 


For those referencing this thread to actually voice their concerns instead of antagonize other users, I'm on iOS 11.4 on an iPhone X. 

Re: Spotify is killing my iPhone


Hey @burgurdy and @owmybrain,


Sorry to hear that you’re also experiencing this issue outlined in the thread, too.


It’d be great to know the following from both of you exactly:


  • The model of iPhone and it’s iOS version (and if an update’s required)
  • The exact app version (and if an update’s required)
  • If you’re streaming over mobile data, WiFi, or both
  • If you have any other apps running in the background on the phone when it happens
  • How much free space you have left on the device

Rest assured, any updates and clearing of the device's unused apps should improve the performance of the app for you. Let us know the above any we'll continue to investigate if you need us.


Thanks, we’ll be on the lookout for your reply.

Re: Spotify is killing my iPhone

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iPhone X and 7 here

Happens on both also offline playlists.

No other apps running 20 percent battery drain in 15 minutes.


Re: Spotify is killing my iPhone

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iPhone SE

iOS 11.4 (happened in last iOS version as well)

No other apps running

Latest iOS 11.4

Wifi or not


Also likes to drain fast when casting to a Chromecast audio device even though it's not technically playing the music. As an aside, it'd be nice if you eventually fixed the Chromecast Audio groups issue. Another one that's been hanging around for quite a while now :)