Spotify is out of date


Spotify is out of date


FIX as simple as this :

-When opening the app it always says OFFLINE for 5-10 secs before realizing oh ! there is LTE or oh ! there is wifi, sorry I will reluanch the app now... that drives me nuts! 

-Have a report bug into the mobile app, come on really we have to open this Community page everytime we have a bug ? are we working for you SPOT ... oh no right WE are paying for it, gotta do your homework here...

-Have RELATED Artist link and not RADIO bizarre stuff.

-Have a more intuative play menu, buttons are always being dropped always need to bring them back. 

-Have a recent played menu more convenient, I always have to re-type what I am looking back for.

Integrate with SIRI what are you guys waiting for ? My Apple MUSIC app is gone, deletable finally yah ! come on ! you have to use the occasion and enhance that S**t! up ! 


The SpotTrooper