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Spotify linked to another account

Spotify linked to another account

In the last few days, Spotify has been randomly switching to somebody else’s account and playlist on my phone and playing songs. Songs are added to my Liked Songs playlist and my recently played lists are not mine. On my account page there is now a random user name of letters and numbers. 

i have updated iOS, the app, deleted and reinstalled, logged out of everywhere, changed password etc and nothing works. I can’t listen to my music as 30 sec in to a song it switches to some other rubbish track.  The same issue replicates in the web player / browser so it is an account level issue.  The only way to stop the switching issue is stay completely offline but that defeats the purpose of Spotify and doesn’t correct the account issue. 

As a premium user this is unacceptable and I am not getting what I am paying for. This is a family plan and no other users are having the same issue.  


Please fix this ASAP. Some billing discount consideration would be appreciated given the complete lack of proper service. 

By the way, the “user” listed as making this post is not me!!!!






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