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Spotify never works first time on Apple CarPlay


Spotify never works first time on Apple CarPlay

Whenever I load it up and try to play a song it shows the play button and the forwards and backwards arrows either side, but doesn't play the song. I have to close the app and start it on my phone for it to then play. Considering I've seen posts about this dating back October last year, why the hell isn't it fixed? I love spotify apart from this but it's vital it works first time, especially when driving. Tempted to try Apple Music....


How many others have experienced this?

55 Replies

I have the same problem with my new Opel Astra, I contacted Spotify support but they informed me to contact Apple since the app is developt by Apple (?!). I now contacted Apple support, when I get an answer I will post it here. 

Same issue.


2017 Chevy Volt

iPhone 7

iOS 10.2.1

Same issue

BMW iDrive 5.0
iPhone 7
iOS 10.2.1

Just signed up for Apple Music trial. Spotify you have 3 months to fix this issue before I switch to Apple Music.

Same issue here! I hope there will be a fix for this in the next update.


Citroen DS4 2016 with iPhone 6 and latest iOS 10.2.1 and latest firmware in the built in car infotainment system.

Yep, I tried starting a song in Apple Music, go back in the Spotify Car App and now it works. But this isn't a solution... its a quick and dirty workaround. 🙂



Oh, but way better than killing the spotify app on my phone, while I'm driving. 😄

Hi Guys,

I encourage everyone to try the latest iOS 10.3.1 and Spotify update

I haven't done extensive tests but it worked for me just a couple of minutes ago so sharing this piece of info with you. Attached picture shows there is little spotify icon in the "taskbar" which I think is new as well.


Hey "spkunc", any news after some testing? Does it work now?

It definitely much better experience for me since the update. I am still able to reproduce the problem sometimes, but it's now less prevalent in my setup. 

It's the same for me.

It's more fluid and faster.

Sometimes the problem still arises.

I noticed that the iPhone must always be active because it works properly.

If it stays in blocked mode, it will not work.

But maybe that's normal.


iOS version 10.3.2 beta 2

Spotify version

same problems here with carplay... it sucks using spotify! bug is there since months... think I cancel my subscription..

Same problem here, really annoying:

VW Multivan/

Apple Carplay
Iphone 6, 10.3.1


Marked as solution

Unfortunately, I've cancelled my Spotify subscription and gone to Apple Music. So so much better now. Sorry Spotify!

I know a solution/work-around has already been provided and I'm way late with my reply, but I'll share what worked for me since other solutions didn't work.

Before I plug the phone into my car, I have spotify open; the phone can be locked, though the last open app has to be spotify. This way, spotify starts playing right away.


My IOS and spotify versions:

IOS 10.3.1


What's wrong with you people at Spotify?! You could at least address the problem - or more CarPlay user will say goodbye for good ...
And why in god's name is this issue marked as "solved" - those are only some tedious work-around a ...

Yes another sufferer of this issue here. Not good enough - will be cancelling shortly & going to Apple Music. They've had long enough to fix it.

Anyone happened to try iOS 11 preview?


I have exactly the same issue and is very annoying.

Spotify premium
Iphone 6s iOS 10
Apple Car Play

Same issue. I'm going to cause an accident trying to get it to work while driving. The whole idea of Carplay is to stop people from having to be on their phones while driving; Spotify and Apple are clearly missing the pointy.

I wanted to report the same issue. Driving the new Audi A3 (MY2017, facelift) with Carplay has been a blast, but Spotify... where to start?!


- When starting Spotify, it does always open. However, most of the times when I start to play the first song, the screen hangs. Navigation through songs only works via the buttons on the steering wheel;

- Spotify (in the above case) gets totally upset. My saved & downloaded albums are completely screwed. Sometimes none, other times just 1-3 songs are remembered as "offline" items. The rest is just simply gone and I have to redownload the whole bunch. Imagen playlists with 100+ songs.


The one simple solution is to start Spotify every time before I connect the phone, however, sometimes I simply do not want to listen to Spotify when I get in the car (i.e. in the mornings).


Please test Spotify with Apple Carplay and fix the problems. It's almost as if you guys just NEVER look(ed) at this.

I really don't see the point of this forum if Spotify don't help us or at least participate.

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