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Spotify not connecting to Sonos speakers through Apple Devices

Spotify not connecting to Sonos speakers through Apple Devices






iPhones, 7 and 8, iPad2

Operating System

iOS 10 

My Question or Issue

After connecting and controlling my various Sonos speakers using Spotify on our iPhones and iPads since the functionality was introdcued a couple of years back(?), my family is now unable to connect to these speakers using any Apple device.  Over the last few days the speakers have dropped off one at a time in the Devices View on the Apple Spotify app.  However, I can connect and control all three speakers from Spotify on my Windows 7 laptop using the Devices View .  Further, the three Sonos speakers remain visible and functioning (through Spotify) in the clunky Sonos app on these Apple devices. 


All the devices (Sonos speakers, laptop and Apple devices) are connected wirelessly to my wifi router.  We recently installed an "extender" to our exsting router which uses the same password to the router.  However, this happened some weeks ago and did not affect functionality when it was installed.


I did recently update both the Sonos and Spotify apps on the Apple devices.  The only conclusion we can draw from this is that there is something in the latest Apple Spotify app that is affecting the Spotify connectivity.


Please help - this is driving us nuts!  

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Spotify Connect is broken for me too. I can see the devices, select them for playing but no sound. Used to work before. The only change is that I’ve added a Sonos speaker. 

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