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Spotify on Car Play drives me mad!!!

Spotify on Car Play drives me mad!!!

It does not matter if Spotify is running in the background etc


9 out of 10 Times when I open Storify it says I need to log in I tap on it nothing happens or you can see the Tab because they are all black.

So what I need to do is unlock my phone close or open Spotify depending if it was running in the background or not and wait for it to load the I can use it in carplay mode all this while driving.

Which is exactly the opposite of what It should be like.

What I don’t get is does anyone at Spotify actually ever test this @!”§$ Software?!?!

How hard is it to make this work? This is something that make me mad for over 2 Years now you where unable to fix this and no it happens in other Cars as well and I have tried other iPhone too so don’t even bother with some silly troubleshooting attempt.


I dont need help I just want to vent and for you to fix these Problems in a future release!


Thank You!






Iphone 6

Operating System

IOS 12.1 but was the same on all previous versions 


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I have exactly the same problems using Spotify via CarPlay on a Volkswagen RCD330+ head unit.

As a iOS developer I could imagine that the problems also could come from the buggy iOS operating system and Apple's restrictions. But Spotify should really react to these reports and tell what's the reason. Because many people are reporting this.

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