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Spotify on Samsung Gear S3 Classic (Can't use as remote)

Spotify on Samsung Gear S3 Classic (Can't use as remote)


Dear All,


I have an Iphone X, Spotify premium and yesterday I got myself a Samsung Gear S3 Classic from a rather untruthful salesman at the Samsung Concept Store. I bought it for the possibility of Spotify alone, otherwise I would have bought a running watch which is what my true goal was. Playing music without bringing my phone was the tiebreaker.


However, I can get offline playlist to work and went for a run. However, I have the follwing questions/issues.


1.) In several videos the app, under setting, have "modes", my app doesn't, why is this? (I can't choos remote)


2.) with wifi connected I can get the watch app to stay synched with the phone and show the song that is being played, but i can't change songs. Should it be possible to use the app as a remote?


Thank you beforehand, I really want to be able to use the watch as a remote for spotify whenever I have my phone with me (a.k.a when not doing sports).



5 Replies

Hey @Nander86, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are doing great!

This is not the appropriate board for this but anyway we will offer our help no matter what!


First of all, I am not judging for your decision just expressing my opinion on this, why did you buy an Android SmartWatch when you have an iOS device? Apple Watch would fit way better to your ecosystem. Again, just saying 😛


You could try to reinstall the app. On both of your devices and see how it goes.

I did a little digging and found some articles that might help: 12 & 3.


If you need help, just give me a shout 😉


Have a nice day 🙂

Hi LorenXK,


First of all thank you for your attempt in helping me out. Secondly, applewatch would not provide me with the product I need so it's a rather simple choice escpecially after being promised that the only "function loss" would be direct transfer of mp3 files from phone to watch.

However, unfortunatly your answers did not help and here is why:


1.) Article three is all about offline playlists, that works for me, not an issue.


2.) All other solution refers to an option in the Spotify app  under setting where you can set a mode or playback. There should be a choice there to set the app to "Remote".  I do not have this option in my app and this is weird as it is the native app and should not be affected by the fact that my other device has iOS.


So thank you, but I am not closer to a solution.


Best Regards





Hey @Nander86,


I know that your choice was affected by other factors. Just stated my opinion, sorry if it wasn't appropriate.

As the FAQ states, you need to contact Samsung for help with your device. If that turns out not to work, you can always fill out the online contact form to contact Spotify. If, for whatever reason you would prefer not to, or you cannot use the form, support can also be reached on twitter by reaching out to @SpotifyCares, or on Facebook by sending a message to the Spotify Cares Facebook page.
Please be aware that responses may take anywhere from 24-48 hours depending on the volume of tickets they are currently handling.

Before any of that, please try basic troubleshooting steps.

I sent you the articles for future references. If, hopefully not, you come accross any issues you would have those articles in your hands.

If you still need help, just give me a shout 😉


Hope I was able to help 🙂




Unnecessary maybe...


I talked with Samsung, did all troubleshooting, read all those articles prior to them beign suggested here and more.


All I'm looking for currently is a yes or no type answer to my questions on whether or not this should work at all, and whether or not that function is actually missing in the app or if it might be a regional thing, if there was a recent update of the app or anything that might explain why other guids refer to a setting option that does not exist in my app (Spotify).


Offline work, other apps (myrunapp) syncs perfectly, BT-pairing works. I'm asking about the app functionality. I posted it here in case there is a known limitation with iOS as "mother" device, but I also posted it in "other/partner".


Best Regards and still looking for an answer







Hey @Nander86,


Sorry about that...


If all this troubleshooting didn't help that feaure might have been removed from Android SmartWatches. I will have a look into that. Many features are being removed in many other platforms, so that could be the case here as well. As I said, I will look futher into it.


That's a good thing you posted in many places! In fact, it has nothing to do with iOS in this case but you did a good thing since some boards are more active than others so help could arrive faster. Maybe give a try and use another Spotify Premium account, if you have the chance to try. Just to see if it is your account not what we assume it might. 

Sorry again for any inconvenience.


Hope we find the answer to your question 😄

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