Spotify refuses to see my Chromecast TV now...

Spotify refuses to see my Chromecast TV now...


This just started happening for some reason. It's never worked from my MacBook, but now I can't connect Spotify to my Chromecast Vizio TV with my iPhone X either... It's not listed at all.

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Hey! Please try reinstalling Spotify. For step-by-step instructions you can check out this FAQ page.


This doesn't fix the problem. I believe spotify has pulled support for Vizio chromecast TV's. I have the same exact problem and nothing I've done has fixed it. I've restarted the TV, router, reinstalled apps and still nothing. Such a shame.


the same is happening over here! i loved being able to "smart cast" from my phone to play music for my daughter. WHAT HAPPENED, SPOTIFY?


my devices:

- iPhone 6, iOS 11.3.1

- VIZIO SmartCast E-series 60” Ultra HD (E60u-D3)


Noticed the issue with my iPhone X on two different SmartCast TVs from Vizio. I did a factory reset to the tv yesterday and it got it working for a few hours. No back to nothing... every other app casts fine. Seems like an issue with the current build of the app?


Same thing here.  My wife and son's iphones can't connect to our Vizio TV but my LG V10 works fine.


They must be pulling support for Cast... They remove features, refuse to fix issues, refuse to publish release notes (very unprofessional in the developer community, and a very shady practice), and continue to raise prices.


Definitely looking for an alternative.


Agree with the above. I just bought Google home and started casting spotify to it but it stops after 20secs and pauses, sometimes for a whole  minute, gets out of sync, skips tracks.

Sending spotify to the chrome cast was the same. Works elsewhere (regular phone app, playstation works too)


I'm seeing this issue all over the forums from 2016 to now, no solution other than hard reset, link and unlink of all accounts (doesn't work for me  

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