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Spotify skips after 40 seconds to next/random songs on iPhone

Spotify skips after 40 seconds to next/random songs on iPhone

HEADLINE: Spotify automatically skips to next song after 40 seconds.



Premium trial






iPhone 6s



iOS 11.2



This is ruining my experience. I was considering paying the subscription fee after my trial is over but this is such a bad experience that there seems no reason to. Spotify is constantly skipping to the next song before the current song is finished. It will do this completely by itself, even if the phone is lying flat on the table with my hands nowhere near it. This always happens at the 40 second mark. I tried fast forwarding through a song and counting up how many seconds I’ve been listening to it. Even if I’m at 2:00 mins in through fast forwarding, if I have listened to 40 seconds worth of the song collectively, it will skip. Always 40 seconds.


I have researched this issue online and the solution that comes up a lot is that it’s an issue with the headphones. However through process of elimination I have established that it happens whenever and however I’m listening to Spotify. 


I’ll be listening to one of my favourite songs. It will reach the 40 second mark. Then it will skip. Either to the next song in the album or to a completely random song. 


- It doesn’t matter whether the song is being streamed through mobile networks while out in public, through my home WiFi or a through public WiFi. Same situation.

- It doesn’t matter whether I have downloaded the song to my library or it’s being streamed. It still skips.


- It skips while I’m playing music just through the iPhone in-built speaker.

- It skips while listening through headphones.

- This happens when I’m listening through my amplifier plugged in with an AUX cord.


I’ve tried deleting and re-installing the app. I’ve tried restarting my phone.


Please help.

3 Replies



That's a strange issue you are dealing with. Have you tried resetting your phone settings? I would also suggest to check your Playback settings in Spotify.

Does this happen with another account as well? Try a new Spotify account in your app.

Also try it in other devices to better determine the cause of this issue.

If nothing seems to work, you could also try the Beta app of Spotify.


Hope your issue get's resolved 🙂



I think I know the problem. I think someone is trying to use my account at the same time as me, and we are locked in a battle for control. This is unacceptable because my premium account is signed in through my Facebook. Please get in touch with me immediately so we can fix this.


Every few minutes I receive a pop up on my phone saying ‘Currently playing on Chrome’ and giving me the option to switch back to my iPhone. I know for a fact that I am not playing on Chrome ANYWHERE. Usually there is some Latin music playing. I do not listen to Latin music, ever. When I continue with the podcast or song I was listening to previously, it will suddenly skip - either to the next song, or to a completely random Latin song. 


So someone is trying to steal my account. Possibly someone in a completely different part of the world has somehow managed to access my account. Please help me stop this. 

I tried changing my Facebook password but it didn’t work. PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS. THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY.

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