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Spotify starts to play random songs

Spotify starts to play random songs







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Since a couple of dags my spotify account randomly starts playing songs I have not started. And even when I´m not using the app i can start to play music from anywhere. I read similar topics in the community but none of the trouble shooting worked. I have tried:

- Restart the app

- Re-installed the app

- Removed connections to all devices

- Removed connection to Facebook

- Logged out from all devices

- Changed password and logged in again


Even with above actions the problem does not go away. All the trouble shooting I have read in the community seems to focus on the account being hacked. But then the problem should have been solved with me changing password to a more complex one. Please help med.

Bets regards


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Hi there!

Have you tried changing your email address? If someone knows your email, i've heard of brute bots that forcefully tries to guess your password.

That is the post which talks about the bot.

Hopefully this helps!


I have the same problem and once again, none of these solutions actually solve the problem. I have reported the issue multiple times but Spotify seems unwilling to acknowledge and solve the problem. Please check out my other posts for details and just fix the problem. 

I have the same problem. For months now I have stopped listening to Spotify because every time I do I get about 20 seconds into a selected song and then a completely different song that I’ve never heard before starts playing. It’s so annoying. It happens on both my ios11 iPhone and my LG TV Spotify apps.

I have:

- changed my password 

- logged out of all my devices 

- removed and reinstalled the app on all devices 

- turned off Autoplay 

And still it persists. It’s driving me crazy. It feels like a bug. 

Hi there folks! 


Thanks for getting in touch about this. 


We understand where you're coming from and we'll do our best to help you out.


No worries, in this case we'd recommend taking a look at this Spotify answer and following the steps you can find there. This will ensure that your account is secure and that you don't experience any of these interruptions. 


Hope this helps. If anything else comes up, the Community will be here. 

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I have the same or similar issue and I don't think changing the password would do anything at all. My issue is that my phone starts playing ambient music at night, usually around 22.00hrs or thereabouts. I've looked at the album it plays several times and I'm not following it or liked it or anything and there doesn't seem to be any link to why this album plays. Just to top it all off, last night at 3am it started again. Can you help please, it's driving me nuts

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