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Spotify stops after a few seconds on my iPhone. This breaks me appart! (pun intended)

Spotify stops after a few seconds on my iPhone. This breaks me appart! (pun intended)

Spotify stops playing, after a few seconds, on My iPhone 5s with the latest software update.

I've noticed that it keeps playing, but with no sound. When I open the app, the time is still going - for a few seconds, then goes back to whatever time it stopped playing at, then loops trough a few seconds before it goes to a full stop. Let me explain:


If the song stops at 0:17 (usually at the very beginning of the song, but in the middle and before the song ends has also occurred), it goes something like this:

The song stops. I open the app, and see that the time is still going. if I've waited for 10 seconds to open the app, it shows 0:27, 0:28, 0:29, then jumps back to 0:17, 0:18, 0:19, then jumps back again to 0:17, 0:18, 0:19. It does this a couple of times untill it completly stops at 0:17. Then I can wait forever for it to start playing again.


This is not a good user experience. It really ruins the whole listening experience, and relaxing to music is no longer relaxing...

Usually I have to physically move the slider a few seconds for it to start up again. Sometimes I can just hit pause/play. And quite rarely it start on its own - just when I've had enough.


Please put som light on this issue.. this breaks me appart! (pun intended)

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@Yawa88 Welcome to the Spotify Community!

Try this steps below first:

Full Restart of the Spotify App (iOS)
I get it from time to time too, but I realised that closing the app fully does the trick for me.

1) Go into the Spotify app
2) Double tap the iPhone's Home button
3) "Flick up" the Spotify card
4) Start Spotify app again.


1) Can you restart your iPhone? (This clears all the runtime caches)
2) You might want to check by going to iPhone Settings -> general -> usage to see the disk space. Spotify needs at least 1GB of free space to operate.
3) Click into your Spotify App -> Logout from Spotify (Spotify app Settings -> Logout) -> [If you are on premium and have songs that are on available offline, click here: and remove all devices -> Go to iPhone Settings, General, Usage and Delete the app -> Go to App Store and download the Spotify app again.
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I am having a similar issue. I have been on premium for 2 months now and having 2 big issues which I can't seem to fix. (using an iphone 5 with the latest operating system and over 1GB free space).

1st problem: If it's a song I've download in an offline playlist it stops at the end of the song and doesn't play on to the next track. The only way to do so is by skipping (which is a bit annoying to do after very song).

2nd problem: Same as the above. When steaming every tracks stops within 6-10 seconds. If I skip and go back a few times I can get the track to play evenually. Obviously this is a massive pain.

I have tried Deleting the app / Re-installing / Removing all devices etc but no luck.

I really just want to be able to use the app without any problems but it's looking like I might have to give up. Any help with these problems would be greatly appreciated!

I've had the same problem and I've done everything you've said is there anything else

Had a similar problem on different platforms (macOS, iOS).

Restarting and reinstalling helped only for a while, then the problem recurred again.


What seems to help in my case is closing the app on all other devices connected to my account. E. g., if I'm running Spotify on my latptop, I have to force close the app on the phone. Hope this will be helpful. 

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