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Spotify stops downloading after some songs.

Spotify stops downloading after some songs.

Hi Support / Community!

For some days now im finally a Spotify-Premium member.

But i keep getting a problem if i want to download the music on my ipod touch 5g .

AFter downloading some songs it stops download and it says that its outstanding.

I made a image so that you get what i mean.

When i looked up the FAQ section i found a post that refered to the "outstanding" message . 

Why does the iPhone/iPod sometimes stop syncing offline playlists?

The device will switch off wifi when it goes into sleep mode if the charger is not connected. We recommend that you keep the charger connected when syncing, or consider setting the screen lock timer to “never”.


I did keep the charger connected and it never lost connection to wifi.

(Excuse my bad english )ipodspotify.jpg

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Let me see what I can I find out for you. And your English is fine 🙂

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Falk, the most common issue seems to be certain routers and/or public networks blocking certain network traffic, turning off UPnP and such.


Are you on your home network or somewhere else?

Could you try on a different network as well?

Please also tell me what router you're using.

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Sorry for replying now.

I am on my home network.

I cannot try a different network atm.

And its one from the telecom.

I could already DL half of my Music Playlist after doing a clean reinstall. But still the other half doesnt sync at all. I will try a complete reboot now( resetting Ipod and reinstalling all software.) I hope it changes it. Since i have already downloaded the Songs once before but reinstalled spotify again after.

I'm having similiar issues with my Ipod.  Just recently I've had syncing issues.

my music syncs up to a certain point. every song after that gets the red flag, and is unable to complete downloading. I then go into Spotify on my pc and delete the song so that it will continue. doesn't matter each time the sync renews I get another red flag on the song right after the previous flag and cannot download anything else.

I'm a premium user and trying to make my playlist available offline. 

OK now i completely reinstalled everything !

But same prob!

Is there a max size the spotify app is allowed to have? since i use spotify as my music device on my ipod . it currently has a size of 14,2gb

There's no max size, but I am told there exists a bug that makes the Spotify app think your iPod is full.


How much space do you have left?

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I have a Ipod touch 5gen with 32 gb storage spotify is using 14,2 atm and i have 5,4gb left

-> i did delete 1 album i already downloaded and suprise i could download a new one. i thing i got that bug . can you fix it in upcoming patch/asap?

hello.! 🙂 I had the same problem.! I fixed it by deleting extra apps that I have.! Your IPod doesn't have enough room 🙂

Hello , in my case it was just a matter of setting the option : download over 2G/3G. By some unknown reason it was off for me. I use version Android.

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