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Spotify stops playing after 2-3 songs

Spotify stops playing after 2-3 songs




Europe, Denmark


Iphone X

Operating System

iOS 15.6


I have recently been experiencing a problem on the Spotify Music App. 

The music-playing stops after 2-3 songs, and the app basically crashes/freezes. I can not play/pause, skip a song and everything is frozen/loads (cant click on anything, pictures not showing) and I have to restart the App again and again.


I have been:

- Deleted and reinstalled the App (done twice)

- Logged out and in (done twice)

- Restarted the Iphone X (done twice)

- Toggle Autoplay and Crossfade on and off (100x times)

- Clear cache 

- Updated the IOS (to 15.6)

- Updated the App (I think 8.7.55)

And yet the problem still occurs.


I have been using the App for 3 years with no problem at all, until the past week. Anyone who has the same problem? Anyone who can fix it? It is so annoying. 


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I have the same issue. I’ve tried downloading a playlist and then putting it in offline mode and still the same issue. So far the only thing that’s worked temporarily for me is clearing the cache, selecting a playlist and just letting it play without skipping songs. But it only works for 10 or so songs and then it does the same thing. I know it’s the Spotify app, because the Apple music app works seamlessly (might just convert to Apple music tbh). 

Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community.


Sorry to hear that this started happening recently.


@davitzy, I see that you've tried basic troubleshooting. Do you mind checking if the same happens if you play songs with "Offline mode" switched on and whether podcast episodes stop in the same manner?


@msustaita, you can try the same thing.


The more insight we have about this issue the better.


Looking forward to your replies.

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Hi Alex,

Unfortunately the problem does also occur when listening to downloaded songs with "Offline mode". I have tried podcast once, and did not experience anything unusual.


I dont think it is the songs that is the problem, but rather the App that acts weird. 

Hey @davitzy,


Thanks for letting us know!
You may try a complete clean reinstall so that we know if it's app related or not.
If that doesn't help, we'd also suggest contacting our support folks, so that they can take a look at your account from our end 🙂

Let us know how it goes!

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Has there been a fix to this issue yet? I have been experiencing the same problem and I've done some troubleshooting with the Spotify Support Center that did not help the issue. I have reinstalled the app twice along with my 3000+ downloaded songs, I have logged out on many occasions, and I have cleared cache once. I have an iPhone 8 on 15.6 IOS and the most recent update for Spotify. The problem persists while online and persists when offline, and has happened to music I have downloaded to my phone and music that is not downloaded to my phone. I have tried a test account on my phone and the problem does not persist, and I have logged onto my account on a friends phone and the problem does not persist. I cannot pin the problem to either being an account problem or a device problem and I am not sure what to do. I am skeptical to get a new phone or something like that because I am not sure if it is a device problem, but I am also hesitant to ask for an account restart (delete's all listening history data) because I do not know if it is an account problem. Is there a solution?

Same thing has been happening to me for the last two weeks. Songs will play for five to ten minutes, then when a new one starts it just stops. Try to hit play or pause and the play/pause button goes dark and I can't do anything. I've been troubleshooting for over a week and I'm absolutely fed up. Been a subscriber for six years and I'm ready to cancel and be done with all of this. I have tried:

  • Offloading and deleting the app, restarting my phone, and reinstalling the app
  • Playing offline music only, playing albums, playing playlists (mine and other peoples'), everything crashes
  • Deleting my cache, offline music, going offline and online, playing only streaming music
  • Signing out of all my devices and signing in again
  • Changing just about every playback setting there is including automix, crossfade, gapless playback, audio normalization, etc.
  • Deleted and reset everything on my phone and started fresh
  • Shut down any other apps that were running at the same time, closed out of Spotify and logged back in
  • Banged my head against the wall several times
  • Updated the app, updated my phone's OS, updated all the other apps around me just to be sure

Tried it all, and none of it has fixed the problem. I use Spotify frequently, both for personal use as well as at work (I'm a teacher). I've loved Spotify over the years and never had an issue like this, but I'm seriously ready to cancel because I can't reliably use it on my phone anymore. Hoping someone can help. It just started happening to my wife as well, so this can't be an isolated issue.

I'm on the same boat, going into year 5 and I'm already starting to experiment with other music apps now cause I couldn't deal with having to reload the app every 5-8 mins (started about 3 weeks ago). I won't lie I'm just not a fan of any of these other ones so if anyone figures out a way to fix this on Spotify I'd really appreciate that happening soon so I can renew my subscription

Hey folks,


Thanks for your replies in this thread an for the info shared.


In this case, we'd like to gather as many details as possible. Is this happening over WiFi? 3G/4G? Both? Do you notice any difference if you switch the internet connection you're using? Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

On another note, can you share with us the exact make/model and operating system of your devices along with the Spotify version you have installed?

Lastly, did you notice if this started to happen after a specific event, such as an OS update? If yes, please send us the details.

We'll be on the lookout for your replies!

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I am also having same issue. Other streaming apps such as Apple Music and BBC Sounds have no issues only Spotify.

Tracks play for around 5-10mins then stop and Spotify flags that connection to Sonos cannot be found. Same issue if I connect via Spotify app or if I use the Sonos app with Spotify service added. I have tried all the steps listed above and nothing seems to work. Will consider subscribing to Apple Music if this issue continues for much longer

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