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Spotify stops playing on Carplay

Spotify stops playing on Carplay

Spotify Premium



iPhone XS

IOS 12.1.4


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When using Apple Carplay and switching cellular data on, the music suddenly stops. Sometimes it goes back after 2 seconds, but most of the time the music doesn’t go back but shows that it’s running.


The temporary solution that I figured out is to restart the app, but it would be dangerous if I hold my phone while driving to restart the app. I don’t know if this is an ios 12 bug or whatsoever. Permanent solutions would be deeply appreciated. 


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Hi @_mattjaramillo, thanks for writing!


Could you please check that your Spotify app is on the latest version?


If possible, connect your iPhone to a different USB port in your car, or try a different Lightning to USB cable.


If that doesn't do the trick, please let me know which car model are you using CarPlay on and its OS version.


Also, could try connecting your mobile in another car?



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Hey _mattjaramillo,


First step is to reinstall the Spotify app which will clear your cache, and update it to the latest version. You can try going into settings, and making sure offline mode is disabled. Also, from personal experience, I have noticed turning off Data Saver helps the app in terms of performance (Note: This setting when turned on just sets the music quality to low, so if it's off, you might be using more data)


This most likely seems to be an iOS/Carplay issue if the action of turning on mobile data is causing issues with Spotify.


From your post, it seems its only when you turn on mobile data, in which case, the network turning on and transitioning from wifi to mobile data might be interfering with the Spotify app. It could also be some setting on your phone or Carplay which causes the Spotify app to act abnormally.


Hope this helps!


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