Spotify will not play directly on Apple Watch to Bluetooth headphones

Spotify will not play directly on Apple Watch to Bluetooth headphones

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iPhone 13 Pro

Apple Watch 7

Operating System 

iOS 15.6

watchOS 8.7



This is a Re-post from another Apple Watch thread that it appears to stopped being replied to by Spotify.


The “flagged solution” does not appear to be working; or Customer Service does appear to know how to assist.


I once again (because Customer Support didn’t help) deleted the app from my Watch. Went to my phone and cleared the cache (because that was a Customer Support suggestion, although the seemed to be unclear that it was a device-cache not a user-cache). The went to Storage and offloaded app and deleted app. Logged out of all Spotify, including this forum. Restarted iPhone and waited overnight.


Logged into forum. Added Spotify app but didn’t log in. Restarted iPhone and the logged in to account.


Open Watch and just like before: the lower right icon shows both Watch and Phone for a split second then the Watch disappears!!


This happened before last round of iOS updates and after.


phone = 15.6

watch = 8.7


Since I am logged in, and thus have a registered email, can someone that understands the issue, and can assist, from customer support reach out to me directly instead of me getting a random call-center person like I got yesterday?


By the way, yesterday’s customer support said “I’ll be right back with a solution” then five minutes later said to go into the iPhone File Manager, search for the Spotify folder, open it and delete a file. Definitely not knowing the difference between an iOS operating environment and a Windows desktop environment. Definitely doesn’t inspire confidence in your “help” desk…


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