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Spotify won't play the first two songs of an album.

Spotify won't play the first two songs of an album.

(iOS Spotify) I have a playlist of over 200 albums' first songs; however, whenever I try to listen to them, the songs play for about 12 seconds before stopping. After that, they never play (even weeks later). The same thing happens if I go to the song's album and play it, and the same thing happens if I play the album's second song.


These songs can be played on my Mac desktop app with no problem whatsoever. I've tried uninstalling Spotify from my phone. Most of the times, the songs still play for about 12 seconds before stopping; sometimes, the issue goes away for a few days, but it inevitably comes back.


This weird stopping also happens to songs that aren't the first or second songs of an album when I'm listening to a playlist (e.g. "Backseat Freestyle" by Kendrick Lamar).


I've tried to see if other people have had this issue, and I haven't seen anything. Please help. I want to listen to music again without playing Russian Roulette.

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