Streaming Audio now accessible to Apple Watch


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  1. There is an API that allows third party apps to stream music through the Apple Watch. Other services such as Pandora introduced the feature a day after the release of WatchOS 6. But Pandora complies to the rules that Apple has for such apps including paying the Apple Tax for subscriptions purchased through apps on iOS. To my knowledge, Spotify is not working on integrating the API into the Apple Watch App. The status on the petition for this feature is still „Not just yet“ which is outright stupid. Honestly, my guess is that Spotify is afraid of being kicked out of the App Store at some point because they don’t comply with Apple’s rules. They should stop bitching around and step up or otherwise shut up and stop complaining about the Apple Tax and not getting features that others who do comply have. 

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Spotify, don't you know that this is not a short term hype but a step into future you have to take anyway somday ? But you loose so much time... the customers you lose now would very likely never come back. And new customers have more platforms to choose from than ever before... it would be even harder than before convince them to use spotify, so you really should concentrate on your loyal community.

I expect a technology company to support the main platforms and to keep up with time.

Your precodessors had made a lot of strategic moves to build up this community. But nowadays you're just operating the system and do some gui changes no one really cares about. You're loosing more and more of your advantages... this will lead into the end.

At least I want to know, when it is coming. I have been waiting long enough and I have no time to think about all my apps, feedbacks and workarounds.
I will quit at the end of year too if there is no official announcement.

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I'm pretty gutted to discover this. Recently got the latest apple watch, airpods pro.. ready for a run.. off I go.. and no music. I used Spotify for everything, find it's always worked for me. Love it. However I'm flabbergasted that Spotify do not allow sync with Apple Watch Offline or Online, when away from the phone. It was the enitre purpose of getting the **bleep** device and now I feel short changed.

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every time there’s an update of the ios app I’m hoping for the big one... but every week only „stability fixes“. Come on please give us offline mode on Apple Watch soon!