Streaming music on Apple Watch


Streaming music on Apple Watch

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Hi Spotify, 

I just wanted to say goodbye. You don’t stream on my Apple Watch so now I have to switch to Apple Music. I hate you for making me do this. 

Fellow users, if you are leaving because you also feel the Apple Watch app is lacking, please like this post. 

I feel that Spotify has had a long time to bring streaming to the watch app, but nothing has happened. 



edit: you cannot stream Spotify with your watch, you can only control the music playing on your phone. By switching to Apple Music or Pandora Premium, I can ditch my phone when I go out on a run to exercise. Those services let me play music from my watch without having to carry around my phone. 


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Hey there @jaaay

thanks for posting !


Spotify is indeed streamable on Apple Watch.

For further info on how to connect the two, please follow the instructions provided on this help page.


Let me know if you have any further questions :)

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Re: Streaming music on Apple Watch

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let me clarify, you can’t stream music from your watch, you can only use your watch as a remote control for the music playing in your phone. 

for example, I can’t take my Apple Watch out on a run without my phone and stream music. Apple Music lets me do that. Which is why I have to move over to Apple Music.

Pandora Premium lets me download playlists onto my watch so I can listen to music without my phone around. 

Spotify has some catching up to do. 

Re: Streaming music on Apple Watch

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No. We want to be able to stream spotify over our cellular enabled watch WITHOUT being near our phone. Like Apple Music and Pandora do. Can spotify deliver this? Otherwise, count me in with folks that are leaving spotify premium (or family) plans, and switching to apple music.