Streaming problems


Streaming problems

Casual Listener

I'm having trouble streaming with the tracks keep stopping and starting as if it can't stream fast enough.



  • Using iPhone 4S 32GB
  • Closed all other apps
  • Tried uninstall/reinstall
  • Connected to home Wifi and 3G, both with good signal strength
  • Tried in multiple locations around the house.

I appreciate I can sync the tracks for offline play, but this isn't really a solution if I want to play new tracks. Frustrating thing is it always happens when I have friends round and I'm trying to demonstrate how good Spotify is - not a great advert for your service I'm afraid.



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Casual Listener

To add: my phone and app software is fully up to date

Have you tried streaming Spotify at a different quality? You can change this option directly within the app settings.
Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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