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Suggestion to starred

Suggestion to starred

Can we be allowed to change the place of our starred songs, just like the play lists?
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No, the songs you star will always go into the starred playlist, if you want to add it to a custom playlist just right click or drag the song to the playlist you want to add it to. ๐Ÿ™‚ 



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Whats a Spotify Rock Star?

Was not what i ment, i ment we should be able to move the songs up and down on the starred list.

No, it's not possible to manually sort songs in the Starred playlist.

Hey, I think the point of the Starred playlist is to keep a record of songs you love in the order you discovered them. If you want to reorder them, you can always drag and drop all the tracks into a new playlist and reorder them to your liking then!

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