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Switches on by itself and volume spike to full??

Switches on by itself and volume spike to full??

OK. I am going to try and explain in detail.


This issue has occured on 2 of my 3 AVR's. It has happened on my Yamaga and Sony. I will be watching TV through Directv or listening to music on youtube via my PS or Xbox all through my AVR's. Then suddenly it will switch to spotify (BY ITSELF) and will play one or two of the same songs. For the life of me i cannot remember the songs name.......I know one is a rap song about janet jackson. anyway as soon as it switches the volume go to max and the AVR's shut down. It keeps happening over and over.....even if I switch back to TV. The only way it seems to get fixed is by disconnecting my AVR's from the network. In the home theatre forums I was told it is a known issue with spotify. Any ideas on what is going on?


And NO we do not own any of those songs in our spotify playlists.  Thx.

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