Syncing Local Library/iTunes Songs from Computer Spotify to iPhone 5S Spotify


Syncing Local Library/iTunes Songs from Computer Spotify to iPhone 5S Spotify

Casual Listener

I am having trouble getting songs from my computer to sync to my spotify on my iPhone 5S. In the past, I have downloaded remixes and other songs and they have gone into my iTunes playlist on my Mac computer. Then, I go to Spotify and place those local songs into a Spotify Playlist. Then, I would be able to sync the songs over wifi from my computer and iphone by having both open. 


However, I accidently swiped  the "Download" button on spotify to off on my iPhone. I swiped it back quickly, but it said downloading 595 songs, instead of the 919 that were originally in the playlist. When I check the playlist, I see some songs are synced and downloaded with the green down arrow, but other songs are completely blacked out, and when I click them it says "Song Not Downloaded, if you own the song you can sync it from your computer". And these same songs were previously downloaded onto my iPhone and synced and played fine until I accidently switched off the download button. I am on the same Wifi network on both devices. However, I am on a college wifi. I had no issue offline syncing when I was using my home wifi. Any help would be appreciated. Attached it what my iPhone looks like.


I attached some photos of what my screens look like. As you can see in the Desktop screenshot, the entire playlists of "Throw Back Songs" and "My Top Songs" have the green down arrow next to them. On the mobile spotify, they are grayed out, and some songs are not able to be played and are blacked out.

Spotify Sync.jpg
Spotify Desktop Photo.jpg
Spotify Mobile Photo.jpg