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Tell me how to clear or disable the "recently played list"

Tell me how to clear or disable the "recently played list"

iPhone 8, Spotify Premium Family plan, USA


I don't see any way to clear the Recently Played list or to just turn it off.

This appears to be a regression from older versions of the iOS app.

If I'm mistaken and there are steps to do it, please share.

If not, please fix.

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Hi, I'm using the same device. Clearing the recently played list is not possible right now (I couldn't find on PC App, Web Player and iOS app) I hope Spotify will make it.

anyone?  anyone?

anyone?  Bueller?!

The current recently played is terrible.


Dear Spotify,


Please bring back the recently played where its in a list format rather than this side scrolling inconvenience.

Please do bring back the option to clear some of the recently played too (like the old version).


I've already adjusted to the new update and I am happy with it. My only issue is current recently played which is its worst version to ever be implemented.

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