Terible Mobile app design


Terible Mobile app design

Guys ... who made it ? bunch of Indian teens for couple of bucks ? ? I mean - whole interface on mobile is made by people who never used it That's the only reason i could think of when im using it ... For example ... - when in the listing ..and playing - i cannot control play ...only if i click through to the next page with a CD image - really ? and to access my config - click click click click and retention of the config parameters... WHY are you always resetting "quality" back to normal ? WHY are you always messing up with my sound ? ... trying to save my ears ... please leave that to me. if i specified i prefer to have LOUD muz ...that is my choice..
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What do you mean you can't control play? You can skip, play/pause any songs and you can also skip by swipping the album art.


What do you mean accessing your config? Do you mean the Settings of the app or do you have any issues with the Desktop app of Spotify? If you do really have any issues with your Desktop apps, please post in one of the Desktop Help boards (Windows or Mac).


Spotify will do that if you have Musi Quality set to Automatic which will let Spotify decide which option is selected based on your network speed and if you're in a slow network usually Low will be chosen. You also have the option to disable or set to High for the Audio Normalisation which will allow for louder a sound.

You can read more here.

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